Faith Family Freedom

Meet Leticia


‘As a resident of Home Gardens, in Riverside County for over five decades, I am running for California’s 58th Assembly District because Sacramento continues to fail California residents on vital issues such as Parental RightsPublic SafetyQuality Education, and Affordable Living. We need to send individuals to Sacramento who will do what is right for the constituents they are supposed to represent. I am ready to fight to save our beautiful state and the future of OUR Families!’

Leticia graduated locally from Buena Vista Vocational Educational High School and Corona College of Cosmetology in 1989. She also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Services from University of Phoenix and a Master of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology with a dual specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy and Professional Clinical Counseling from National University.

As a dual Licensed Psychotherapist, who works in the mental health field, she has been able to see firsthand how the continued mishandling of the COVID-19 emergency powers created an increase of mental health challenges for both children and adults many who were already suffering from severe mental health to those who experienced their first mental health challenges during the extended shut downs.

California is at its breaking point. Many of OUR friends, family, and neighbors have already left the state. Our once safe communities are now filled with crime, drug use, and homelessness. Criminals are set free while law abiding citizens pay the price of the failed soft on crime policies in Sacramento. I want to change that by supporting stronger measures to reduce crime and homelessness and strengthen our law enforcement agencies because we all deserve to feel safe in our communities.

As a mother and grandmother, Leticia understands the current challenges California families are facing with high cost of housing, food, gas to parental rights being at risk. Leticia, is pro-school choice and pro-parental rights and believes that parents know what's best for their children, not the government. Leticia, wants a better future for California’s families. 

Leticia is pro-Second Amendment and believes Californians have a right to protect and defend themselves. She vehemently supports our military, which includes her brother a Marine Veteran, and two nephews one who served in the Air Force Reserves, and one who serves in the Navy to this day.

Leticia is a first generation Mexican-American and the youngest of six siblings who is bi-literate in English and Spanish, as her parents are immigrants from Mexico. Her Dad came to the United States legally through the farm laborer (braceros) program and achieved the American Dream through his faith in God and strong work ethics; he believed that America is the Land of Opportunity and that we all have the same opportunities to determine our own future. From his love of God and our country, he instilled in her the same beliefs and values.

Through my own faith in God, I believe he is leading me to pursue
the Assembly of California to help restore balance and a good quality of life
to the people of Assembly District 58 and ultimately, the entire state.
In the Land Of The Free, the Government should NOT dictate our lives by taking away the personal freedoms and God given rights of We The People.

On November 5, 2024, vote Leticia  Castillo for Assembly